Orthotoluidine and triethylamine in rocket engine applications

Ladanyi, Dezso J.

The literature pertaining to the use of orthotoluidine and triethylamine in rocket propellant combinations was surveyed and summarized with particular emphasis on ignition delay investigations and fuel mixture applications. In addition, experimental ignition delay determinations of two orthotoluidine-triethylamine mixtures (1:1 and 3:7 by volume) and a low-freezing-point red fuming nitric acid were conducted at simulated altitude conditions utilizing a small-scale rocket engine of approximately 50 pounds thrust. The delays varied almost linearly from about 12 milliseconds at 120 degrees F to about 28 milliseconds at minus 70 degrees F for both propellant combinations. At minus 95 degrees F, the ignition delays for the 1:1 and 3:7 fuel blends were about 101 and 29 milliseconds, respectively. Experiments at pressure altitudes of about 90,000 feet at the two temperature extremes indicated no significant effect of low initial ambient pressure on ignition delay.

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