Effect of particle size and stabilizing additives on the combustion properties of magnesium slurry

Lord, Albert M., Evans, Vernida E.

An experimental investigation was conducted with a 1-7/8 inch diameter burner to determine the effects of particle size and of stabilizing additives on the combustion performance of magnesium-hydrocarbon slurry fuels. The fuels tested were MIL-F-5624-A grades JP-3 and JP-4 and slurries of magnesium in JP-3 fuel. A slurry composed of 4-1/2 micron magnesium particles had a leaner mixture limit at which a flame could be maintained and a maximum blow-out velocity much higher than a slurry composed of 20-micron particles. The combustion efficiency of the metal in the 4-1/2 micron slurry was consistently higher than in the 20-micron slurry in spite of its being burned at a much higher burner-inlet velocity. The slurries stabilized with petrolatum had combustion efficiencies and blow-out velocities comparable with those of the gel-stabilized slurries.

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