Preliminary experiments with pilot burners for ram-jet combustors

Farley, John M., Smith, Robert E., Povolny, John H.

As part of an over-all program to develop a high-performance, high-altitude, low-drag ram-jet combustor, a preliminary development program on can-type pilots has been conducted. A 5-inch-diameter circular pilot and an annular-segment pilot were developed which gave stable operation at an inlet pressure of 10 inches of mercury absolute over a satisfactory range of fuel-air ratios for static-pressure ratios across the pilot ranging from about 1.02 to 1.08. The effects of first-row hole size, longitudinal variation in hole area, fuel-system design, and shroud design on the performance of the pilots were determined. It was estimated that in an actual combustor installation the percentage of air flow through the pilot would be equal to about 35 percent of the cross-sectional area blocked by the pilot.

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