Effect of rotor-and stator-blade modifications on surge performance of an 11-stage axial-flow compressor I :original production compressor of XJ40-WE-6 engine

Finger, Harold B., Essig, Robert H., Conrad, E. William.

An investigation to increase the compressor surge-limit pressure ratio of the XJ40-WE-6 turbojet engine at high equivalent speeds was conducted at the NACA Lewis altitude wind tunnel. This report evaluates the compressor modifications which were restricted to (1) twisting rotor blades (in place) to change blade section angles and (2) inserting new stator diaphragms with different blade angles. Such configuration changes could be incorporated quickly and easily in existing engines at overhaul depots. It was found that slight improvements in the compressor surge limit were possible by compressor blade adjustment. However, some of the modifications also reduced the engine air flow and hence penalized the thrust. A mixer assembly designed and supplied by the engine manufacturer was used at the compressor outlet and improved the surge limit with no appreciable thrust penalty.

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