Force and pressure recovery characteristics at supersonic speeds of a conical spike inlet with a bypass discharging from the top or bottom of the diffuser in an axial direction

Allen, J L Beke, Andrew
March 23, 1953

Force and pressure-recovery characteristics of a nacelle-type conical-spike inlet with a fixed-area bypass located in the top or bottom of the diffuser are presented for flight Mach numbers of 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 for angles of attack from 0 degrees to 9 degrees. Top or bottom location of the bypass did not have significant effects on diffuser pressure-recovery, bypass mass-flow ratio, or drag coefficient over the range of angles of attack, flight Mach numbers, and stable engine mass-flow ratios investigated. A larger stable subcritical operating range was obtained with the bypass on the bottom at angles of attack from 3 degrees to 9 degrees at a flight Mach number of 2.0. At a flight Mach number of 2.0, the discharge of 14 percent of the critical mass flow of the inlet by means of a bypass increased the drag only one-fifth of the additive drag that would result for equivalent spillage behind an inlet normal shock without significant reductions in diffuser pressure recovery.

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