Free-jet altitude investigation of a 20-inch ram-jet combustor with a rich inner zone of combustion for improved low-temperature-ratio operation

Trout, Arthur M Wentworth, Carl B
May 25, 1953

An investigation of the altitude performance of a 20-inch-diameter high-temperature-ratio ram-jet combustor which had been redesigned to provide good combustor efficiency over a wide range of temperature ratios was conducted at zero angle of attack in a free-jet facility at a Mach number of 3.0. Configurations investigated incorporated a cylindrical control sleeve which confined the injected fuel at low over-all fuel-air ratios to about 40 percent of the engine air flow. This provided an optimum fuel-air mixture over a portion of the flame holder when the over-all fuel-air ratio was about 0.02. The configurations with the control sleeve operated with good combustor efficiency at fuel-air ratios as lean as 0.015, whereas the original engine had a lean blow-out limit at a fuel-air ratio of about 0.03. The control sleeve had little effect upon the high-fuel-air-ratio performance of the engine.

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