Force and pressure-recovery characteristics at supersonic speeds of a conical nose inlet with bypasses discharging outward from the body axis

Beke, Andrew Allen, J L
March 05, 1953

Aerodynamic and performance characteristics of a conical spike nacelle-type inlet with two bypasses are presented at Mach numbers of 1.6, 1.8, and 2.0 for angles of attach up to 90 degrees. The bypasses were located 6 inlet diameters downstream of the inlet and were designed to discharge the bypass mass flow outward from the body axis. The inlet was designed to attain a mass-flow ratio of unity at a Mach number of 2.0. It is shown that discharging the bypass mass flow outward from the body nearly doubles the critical drag of a similar configuration but with bypass discharge in an axial direction. As a result of this greater drag, the net force on the model in the flight direction is reduced when comparison is made with the axial discharge case. The lift and pitching-moment coefficients are slightly higher than those for a configuration without bypasses. Approximately 25 % of the maximum inlet mass flow was discharged through the bypasses, and the pressure-recovery and mass-flow characteristics were in qualitative and quantitative agreement with the results of an investigation of a similar configuration with axial discharge.

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