Analysis of off-design performance of a 16-stage axial-flow compressor with various blade modifications

Medeiros, Arthur A Benser, William A Hatch, James E
March 05, 1953

The over-all performance of a 16-stage axial-flow compressor was determined with various stator-blade resettings and a reduction in solidity of the rotor blades in the last three stages. It was shown that little control over the sudden change in slope of the surge-limit line at intermediate speeds was obtained with the blade modifications attempted, except that some change in speed at which the change in slope occurred could be effected by stator-blade resettings. Interstage data indicated that the severe surge limit at intermediate speeds was caused by stall of the inlet stage, which, because of stage interaction effects, resulted in a simultaneous decrease in performance of the following five or six stages. Stage data are presented which indicate the flow and pressure-ratio range over which each stage is required to operate at compressor speeds from 50 to 100 percent of design speed.

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