Lift, drag, and pitching moment of low-aspect-ratio wings at subsonic and supersonic speeds

Hall, Charles F
April 14, 1953

Results are presented, in graphical and tabular form, from a wind tunnel investigation of the lift, drag, and pitching moment characteristics of thin, low-aspect-ratio wings in combination with a body at Mach numbers from 0.25 to as high as 1.9. The following are analyzed and compared with existing theoretical results: 1. Effects of aspect ratio on 3-percent-thick triangular wings; 2. Effects of plan form on 3-percent-thick triangular, sweptback, and unswept wings of aspect ratios 2 and 3; 3. Effects of wing thickness on triangular wings of aspect ratio 2; 4. Effects of profile shape on triangular, sweptback, and unswept wings; and 5. Effects of camber and twist on triangular wings of aspect ratios 2 and 4.

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