The creep of single crystals of aluminum

R. D. Johnson, F. R. Shober, A. D. Schwope
May 1953

The creep of single crystals of high-purity aluminum was investigated in the range of temperatures from room temperature to 400 F and at resolved-shear-stress levels of 200, 300, and 400 psi. The tests were designed in an attempt to produce data regarding the relation between the rate of strain and the mechanism of deformation. The creep data are analyzed in terms of shear strain rate and the results are discussed with regard to existing creep theories. Stress-strain curves were determined for the crystals in tinsel and constant-load-rate tests in the same temperature range to supplement the study of plastic deformation by creep with information regarding the part played by crystal orientation, differences in strain markings, and other variables in plastic deformation.

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