Analytical derivation and experimental evaluation of short-bearing approximation for full journal bearing

Geoge B. Dubois, Fred W. Ocvirk

An approximate analytical solution including the effect of end leakage from the oil film of short plain bearings is presented because of the importance of endwise flow in sleeve bearings of the short lengths commonly used. The analytical approximation is supported by experimental data, resulting in charts which facilitate analysis of short plain bearings. The analytical approximation includes the endwise flow and that part of the circumferential flow which is related to surface velocity and film thickness but neglects the effect of film pressure on the circumferential flow. In practical use, this approximation applies best to bearings having a length-diameter ratio up to 1, and the effects of elastic deflection, inlet oil pressure, and changes of clearance with temperature minimize the relative importance of the neglected term. The analytical approximation was found to be an extension of a little-known pressure-distribution function originally proposed by Michell and Cardullo.

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