The small angular oscillations of airplanes in steady flight

Norton, F H

This investigation was carried out by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics at the request of the Army Air Service to provide data concerning the small angular oscillations of several types of airplanes in steady flight under various atmospheric conditions. The data are of use in the design of bomb sights and other aircraft instruments. The method used consisted in flying the airplane steadily in one direction for at least one minute, while recording the angle of the airplane with the sun by means of a kymograph. The results show that the oscillations differ but little for airplanes of various types, but that the condition of the atmosphere is an important factor. The average angular excursion from the mean in smooth air is 0.8 degrees in pitch, 1.4 degrees in roll, and 0.9 degrees in yaw, without special instruments to aid the pilot in holding steady conditions. In bumpy air the values given above are increased about 50 per cent. (author)

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