Calculations on the forces and moments for an oscillating wing-aileron combination in two-dimensional potential flow at sonic speed

Herbert C. Nelson, Julian H. Berman

The linearized theory for compressible unsteady flow is used, as suggested in recent contributions to the subject, to obtain the velocity potential and the lift and moment for a thin harmonically oscillating, two-dimensional wing-aileron combination moving at sonic speed. The velocity potential is derived by considering the sonic case as the limit of the linearized supersonic theory. From the velocity potential explicit expressions for the lift and moment are developed for vertical translation and pitching of the wing and rotation of the aileron. The sonic results are compared and found to be consistent with previously obtained subsonic and supersonic results. Several figures are presented showing the variation of lift and moment with reduced frequency and Mach number and the influence of Mach number on some cases of bending-torsion flutter.

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