Measurements of thermal distortion of the submarine intermediate reactor "mark a" moderator tube / R. H. Kemp and W. C. Morgan

Kemp, R. H., Morgan, W. C.

A moderator tube of the Submarine Intermediate Reactor (SIR) ("Mark A") was subjected to temperature gradients considered to be representative of those occurring in the reactor during operation. The distortion of the tube as a result of the imposed temperature gradients was measured under two conditions: (1) with the ends of the tube retained in the same manner as in the reactor; and (2) with the ends of the tube simply supported. Restraining end moments were present in the first case which reduced the maximum distortion by approximately 55 percent of that obtained when the tube was simply supported with end moments known to be zero. When retained in the same manner as in the reactor, the maximum transverse distortion of the moderator tube was 0.060 inch at a point 20 inches from the handle end.

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