Investigation at Mach number 2.93 of half of a conical-spike diffuser mounted as a side inlet with boundary-layer control

Piercy, Thomas G., Johnson, Harry W.

An experimental investigation was conducted at Mach number 2.93 to determine performance characteristics of half of a 60 degree conical-spike inlet mounted on a flat plate. Initial boundary layer was removed upstream of the inlet by a ram-type scoop of variable height. The inlet was operated in the presence of both turbulent and laminar boundary layers. With removal of the initial boundary layer, total pressure recoveries of 51.5 and 45.8 percent were obtained for the turbulent and laminar boundary layers, respectively. Allowing all the initial boundary layer to enter the inlet reduced the pressure recovery to approximately 40 percent for both cases. Inlet pressure recoveries with the laminar boundary layer were generally lower than those obtained with the turbulent boundary layer because of the reduced scoop-mass-flow capture for the laminar boundary layer.

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