Thrust augmentation of a turbojet engine at simulated flight conditions by introduction of a water-alcohol mixture into the compressor

Useller, James W., Auble, Carmon W., Harvey, Ray W., Sr.

An investigation in which compressor evaporative cooling was used as a means of turbojet-engine thrust augmentation was conducted at simulated high-altitude flight conditions. A maximum augmented jet-thrust ratio of 1.062 and a maximum augmented net-thrust ratio of 1.06 were achieved at an augmented liquid ratio of 2.98, and altitude of 35,000 feet, a flight Mach number of 1.0, and an engine-inlet temperature of 80 degrees. This small increase in engine performance is attributed to inadequate evaporation of the water-alcohol mixture and the negative influence of the liquid coolant on the performance of the engine components. A discussion of the influence of engine component characteristics on the effectiveness of liquid-coolant injection is included.

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