Dynamic corrosion of a stainless-steel specimen by water at 500 F using a toroid circulating apparatus /c Leland G. Desmon, Don R. Mosher

Desmon, Leland G., Mosher, Don R.

A slug of air-saturated distilled water was circulated for 317 hours at a velocity of 15 feet per second in an AISI 347 stainless-steel toroid with a wall temperature of 500 F and a 30 F difference in temperature between the hot and cold sections. The depth of corrosion layer was 0.001 inch (0.028 in./yr) in the hot sector and 0.0007 inch (0.019 in./yr) in the cold sector; no mass transfer was observed. The results of gas,water,and X-ray diffraction analyses are given together with photomicrographs of sections taken from the hot and cold sections of the specimen.

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