Preliminary investigation of cyclic de-icing of an airfoil using an external electric heater

Lewis, James P., Bowden, Dean T.

An investigation was conducted in the NACA Lewis icing research tunnel to determine the characteristics and requirements of cyclic de-icing of an airfoil by use of an external electric heater. The present investigation was limited to an airspeed of 175 miles per hour. Data are presented to show the effects of variations in heat-on and heat-off periods, ambient air temperature, liquid-water content, angle of attack air temperature, liquid-water content, angle of attack and heating distribution on the requirements for cyclic de-icing. The external heat flow at various icing and heating conditions is also presented. A continuously heated parting strip at the airfoil leading edge was found necessary for quick, complete, and consistent ice removal. The cyclic power requirements were found to be primarily a function of the datum temperature and heat-on time, with the other operating and meteorological variables having a second-order effect. Short heat-on periods and high power densities resulted in the most efficient ice removal, the minimum energy input, and the minimum runback ice formations.

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