Performance and operational characteristics of a python turbine-propeller engine at simulated altitude conditions / Carl L. Meyer and Lavern A. Johnson

Meyer, Carl L., Johnson, LaVern A.

The performance and operational characteristics of a Python turbine-propeller engine were investigated at simulated altitude conditions in the NACA Lewis altitude wind tunnel. In the performance phase, data were obtained over a range of engine speeds and exhaust nozzle areas at altitudes from 10,000 to 40,000 feet at a single cowl-inlet ram pressure ratio; independent control of engine speed and fuel flow was used to obtain a range of powers at each engine speed. Engine performance data obtained at a given altitude could not be used to predict performance accurately at other altitudes by use of the standard air pressure and temperature generalizing factors. At a given engine speed and turbine-inlet total temperature, a greater portion of the total available energy was converted to propulsive power as the altitude increased.

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