Effects of internal configuration on afterburner shell temperatures

Conrad, E. William., Jansen, Emmert T.

A brief investigation was conducted in the altitude wind tunnel to determine the extent to which the afterburner shell cooling problem could be alleviated by internal configuration changes. Data were obtained with and without a cooling liner installed and for variations in the radial fuel distribution and in the radial distribution in flame-seat area. Consideration is given to the effects on both shell temperature and afterburner performance. In the range of fuel-air ratio investigated, the use of a cooling liner resulted in substantial reductions in shell temperature with no penalty in performance. Appreciable reductions in afterburner shell temperature were made possible by control of the radial fuel distribution; however, the effects on performance are uncertain and may depend on other variables not investigated. No direct relation was found between shell temperature and the clearance between the flame holder and the shell; however, some cooling effect may possibly be achieved by varying the clearance.

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