Axial-slot air admission for controlling performance of a one-quarter-annual turbojet combustor and comparison with complete engine

Mark, H., Mark, Herman., Zettle, Eugene V.

An investigation of a single-annulus turbojet combustor with slot-type air admission was conducted to demonstrate the application of certain design principles to the control of outlet-gas temperature distributions. Comparisons of performance of a one-quarter-annulus combustor (duct-type installation) and a full-annulus combustor (obtained in a full-scale turbojet engine) are presented to indicate the applicability of results obtained from combustion studies conducted in duct-type installations. A reasonable correlation existed between the performance of the one-quarter-annulus and full-annulus combustors except for temperature distribution. Sufficient trends did exist which made it possible to predict temperature distributions for the engine, although absolute correlation did not exist. A radial temperature distribution similar to that required for a given engine was obtained using a one-quarter-annulus duct-type setup to predict results.

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