Investigation of turbines suitable for use in a turbojet engine with high compressor pressure ratio and low compressor-tip speed I : turbine-design requirements for several engine operating conditions

English, Robert E., Silvern, David H., Davison, Elmer H.

In order to insure satisfactory turbine performance under five turbojet-engine operating conditions, turbine design requirements were determined for the following operating conditions: take-off, maximum thrust at altitude, altitude cruising at rated rotative speed, altitude cruising with maximum-thrust exhaust nozzle area, and engine acceleration at 80 percent equivalent design rotative speed. If cruising is to be at rated engine speed, both cruising and take-off should be considered in turbine design. Design requirements for the other conditions are nearly identical. Without compressor-exit bleed, a turbine cannot accelerate this compressor at 80 percent of rated speed; with 28.6-percent bleed, the design requirements are within those for take-off.

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