Hydrodynamic impact of a system with a single elastic mode II : comparison of experimental force and response with theory

Miller, Robert W., Merten, Kenneth F.

Hydrodynamic impact tests were made on an elastic model approximating a two-mass spring system to determine experimentally the effects of structural flexibility on the hydrodynamic loads encountered during seaplane landing impacts and to correlate the results with theory. A flexible seaplane was represented by a two-mass spring system consisting of a rigid prismatic float connected to a rigid upper mass by an elastic structure. The model had a ratio of sprung mass to hull mass of 0.6 and a natural frequency of 3.0 cycles per second. The tests were conducted in smooth water at fixed trims and included both high and low flight-path angles and a range of velocity. Theoretical and experimental comparisons indicated that the theoretical results agreed well with the experimental results.

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