Correlation of physical properties with molecular structure for some dicyclic hydrocarbons having high thermal-energy release per unit volume -- 2-alkylbiphenyl and the two isomeric 2-alkylbicyclohexyl series

Goodman, Irving A., Wise, Paul H.

Three homologous series of related dicyclic hydrocarbons are presented for comparison on the basis of their physical properties, which include net heat of combustion, density, melting point, boiling point, and kinematic viscosity. The three series investigated include the 2-n-alkylbiphenyl, 2-n-alkylbicyclohexyl (high boiling), and 2-n-alkylbiphenyls (low boiling) series through c sub 16, in addition to three branched-chain (isopropyl, sec-butyl, and isobutyl) 2-alkylbiphenyls and their corresponding 2-alkylbicyclohexyls. The physical properties of the low-boiling and high-boiling isomers of 2-sec-butylbicyclohexyl and 2-isobutylbicyclohexyl are reported herein for the first time.

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