The effect of wind tunnel turbulence upon the forces measured on models

W. L. Lepage, J. T. Nichols
May, 1924

1. Reasons for inquiry: The tests were undertaken to find the effect of turbulence in the air stream upon the lift and drag forces measured on models in the four-foot wind tunnel at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2. Range of investigation: Maximum lifts and minimum drags were measured on Gottingen-387 and R.A.F.-15 airfoils, minimum drag on a streamlined strut, and the static pressure gradients for different conditions of turbulence. 3. Results and further developments: The results show that the scale of the turbulence (as defined in this report) has a marked effect upon the measured forces on models tested in the tunnel as well as on the pressure gradient, and it is recommended that further investigation of the phenomena be made with the aid of smoke and small wind vanes.

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