Investigation of turbines suitable for use in a turbojet engine with high compressor pressure ratio and low compressor-tip speed III : velocity-diagram study of two-stage and downstream-stator turbines for engine operation at constant rotative speed

Robert E. English, Elmer H. Davison
Nov 1952

The application of turbine to driving single-spool compressors was studied by investigating whether or not satisfactory velocity diagrams can be obtained for two-stage turbines either having or not having a downstream stator if these turbines are required to drive a particular single-spool compressor over a range of engine operation at rated rotative speed and to have a tip diameter no greater than the tip diameter of the compressor. The relatively low blade-tip speed, high work, and high air flow per unit frontal area of this compressor make critical the problem of designing such a two-stage turbine to drive this compressor.

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