Comparison between prediction and experiment for all-movable wing and body combinations at supersonic speeds : lift, pitching moment, and hinge moment

Jack N. Nielsen, George E. Kaattari, William C. Drake
Aug 1952

A simple method is presented for estimating lift, pitching-moment, and hinge-moment characteristics of all-movable wings in the presence of a body as well as the characteristics of wing-body combinations employing such wings. In general, good agreement between the method and experiment was obtained for the lift and pitching moment of the entire wing-body combination and for the lift of the wing in the presence of the body. The method is valid for moderate angles of attack, wing deflection angles, and width of gap between wing and body. The method of estimating hinge moment was not considered sufficiently accurate for triangular all-movable wings. An alternate procedure is proposed based on the experimental moment characteristics of the wing alone. Further theoretical and experimental work is required to substantiate fully the proposed procedure.

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