A comparison of the chordwise pressure distribution and spanwise distribution of loading at subsonic speeds on two triangular wings of aspect ratio 2 having NACA 0005 and 0008 sections

Donald W. Smith, Verlin D. Reed
May 1952

Measurements of the distribution of surface pressures were made on two wing-body combinations employing a triangular wing having an aspect ratio ratio of 2. The first of these combinations had a wing with the NACA 0008-63 section parallel to the air stream while the wing of the second had the NACA 0005-63 section in the stream direction. The measurements were made for Mach numbers from 0.11 to 0.95 at a constant Reynolds number of 3.0 million. Data were also obtained for Reynolds numbers up to 15.0 million at the lower Mach number. A summary of data obtained from previously published force tests of these same models is also included for completeness of the presentation of the effect of wing thickness.

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