Evaluation of centrifugal compressor performance with water injection

Beede, William L, Hamrick, Joseph T, Withee, Joseph R , Jr

The effects of water injection on a compressor are presented. To determine the effects of varying water-air ratio, the compressor was operated a t a constant equivalent impeller speed over a range of water-air ratios and weig ht flows. Operation over a range of weight flows at one water-air ratio and two inlet air temperatures was carried out to obtain an indication of the effects of varying inlet air temperature. Beyond a water-air ratio of 0.03 there was no in crease in maximum air-weight flow, a negligible rise in peak total-pressure rati o, and a decrease in peak adiabatic efficiency. An increase in inlet air tempera ture resulted in an increase in the magnitude of evaporation. An analysis of dat a indicated that the magnitude of evaporation within the compressor impeller was small.

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