Experimental investigation of air-cooled turbine blades in turbojet engine IX :evaluation of the durability of noncritical rotor blades in engine operation

Stepka, Francis S., Hickel, Robert O.

The durability of five different structural or cooling configurations or combination of both of air-cooled blades made of noncritical materials was investigated in a modified turbojet engine. The greater part of the investigation was conducted at an engine speed of 11,500 rpm, a turbine-inlet temperature of approximately 1670 degrees F, and a cooling-air to combustion gas flow ratio per blade of 0.05. The results of the investigation indicated that air-cooled blades made of noncritical metals can be operated for extended periods of time in engines at current inlet temperatures; however, before these blades are considered completely satisfactory for gas-turbine application, some means such as coatings is required to inhibit the oxidation of the blades.

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