Preliminary investigation of molybdenum disulfide-air-mist lubrication for roller bearings operating to DN values of 1 x 10(exp 6) and ball bearings operating to temperatures of 1000 F

Macks, E. F., Nemeth, Z. N., Anderson, W. J.

The effectiveness of molybdenum disulfide MoS2 as a bearing lubricant was determined at high temperature and at high speeds. A 1-inch-bore ball bearing operated at temperatures to 1000 F, a speed of 1725 rpm, and a thrust load of 20 pounds when lubricated only with MoS2-air mist. A 75-millimeter-bore cageless roller bearing, provided with a MoS2-syrup coating before operation, operated at DN values to 1 x 10(exp 6) with a load of 368 pounds.

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