Experimental investigation of an 0.8 hub-tip radius-ratio,nontwisted-rotor-blade turbine

Silvern, David H., Slivka, William R.

An experimental investigation of a 0.8 hub-tip radius ratio, nontwisted-rotor-blade turbine designed for a stagnation-pressure ratio of 2.5 and an equivalent mean blade speed of 643 feet per second was made in a cold-air turbine with (a) nontwisted stator blades, and (b) twisted stator blades designed to maintain zero rotor-inlet incidence angles. Turbine efficiencies of the order of 0.85 at the design point were obtained with a nontwisted-rotor-blade turbine with a hub-tip radius ratio of 0.80. The turbine with the twisted stator blades gave higher efficiencies at the design point (of the order of 1.5 percentage points) than the turbine with the nontwisted stator blades.

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