Resistance of various materials to attack by molten bismuth-lead eutectic at elevated temperatures

Gangler, James J., Engel, Walter J.

The resistance of 40 materials including alloys, ceramics, ceramals, and pure metals to attack by bismuth-lead eutectic at temperatures between 1500 and 2000 F was investigated. A velocity of 15 feet per second was maintained between the material surface and the bismuth-lead eutectic. Those materials found to be resistant to this attack included 17 of the ceramals and ceramics, graphite, and arc-cast molybdenum. All other materials investigated were appreciably attacked by the eutectic in the form of uniform attack, cavitation, or pitting, as indicated by metallographic analysis. No evidence of intergranular corrosion was observed in any of the materials studied in this investigation. Disintegration rates were estimated in mils per year from linear measurements taken before and after the specimens were subjected to attack by the molten eutectic.

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