The pressure distribution over the horizontal tail surfaces of an airplane III

Norton, F H Brown, W G

This report contains the results of an investigation of the distribution of pressure over the tail surfaces of a full-sized airplane during accelerated flight for the purpose of determining the magnitude of the tail and fuselage stresses in maneuvering. As the pressures in accelerated flight change in value with great rapidity, it was found that the liquid manometer used in the first part of this investigation would not be at all suitable under these conditions; so it was necessary to design and construct a new manometer containing a large number of recording diaphragm gauges for these measurements. Sixty openings on the tail surfaces were connected to this manometer and continuous records of pressures for each pair of holes were taken during various maneuvers. There were also recorded, simultaneously with the pressures, the normal acceleration at the center of gravity and the angular position of all the controls. The present investigation consisted in measuring on a standard rigged JN4H airplane the distribution of pressure over the whole of the horizontal tail surfaces while the airplane was being put through maneuvers as violently as it was thought safe, including spinning and pulling out of dives.

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