Performance of Maybach 300-horsepower airplane engine

Sparrow, S W

This report contains the results of a test made upon a Maybach Engine in the altitude chamber of the Bureau of Standards, where controlled conditions of temperature and pressure can be made the same as those of the desired altitude. The results of this test lead to the following conclusions: from the standpoint of thermal efficiency the full-load performance of the engine is excellent at densities corresponding to altitudes up to and including 15,000 feet. The brake mean effective pressure is rather low even at wide-open throttle. This tends to give a high weight per horsepower, in as much as the weight of many engine parts is governed by the size rather than the power of the engine. At part load the thermal efficiency of the engine is low. Judged on a basis of performance the engine's chief claim to interest would appear to lie in the carburetor design, which is largely responsible excellent full-load efficiency and for its poor part-load efficiency.

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