Hydrodynamic investigation of a series of hull models suitable for small flying boats and amphibians

W. C. Hugli, Jr., W. C. Axt
November, 1953

This report presents the results of an investigation made at the Experimental Towing Tank, Stevens Institute of Technology, to obtain hydrodynamic information on a series of hull models suitable for small flying boats or amphibians of from 2000 to 5000 pounds gross weight. The series of hulls consisted of a basic hull with simple lines, and of plus and minus variations to this design in which the beam, sternpost angle, and afterbody length were altered. Modifications were also investigated to determine the advantage of refining the hull lines. The hulls were tested for hydrodynamic resistance and main spray. On the basis of these characteristics, the best beam and sternpost angle were selected for each of the three afterbody lengths investigated. The resulting three hulls were further tested for landing and porpoising characteristics. The results show that it is possible to design a hull with simple lines that will be suitable for small flying boats or amphibians. Refining the hull lines will improve the hydrodynamic characteristics slightly but will also increase the construction cost.

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