Aerodynamic characteristics of the NACA RM-10 research missile in the Ames 1- by 3- foot supersonic wind tunnel no. 2 : pressure and force measurements at Mach numbers of 1.52 and 1.98

Edward W. Perkins, Forrest E. Gowen, Leland H. Jorgensen
Sep 1951

An experimental investigation of the aerodynamic characteristics of a fin-stabilized body of revolution, designated as the RM-10, was made in the NACA Ames 1- by 3-foot supersonic wind tunnel No. 2. Pressure distributions and force characteristics were determined for the body alone at Mach numbers of 1.52 and 1.98. Force characteristics of the body-tail combination were determined at a Mach number of 1.98. Data are presented for Reynolds numbers of 8.6 and 17.4 millions, based on body length.

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