Control in circling flight

Norton, F H Allen, E T

This investigation was undertaken for the purpose of developing instruments that would record the forces and positions of all three controls, and to obtain data on the behavior of an airplane in turns. All the work was done on a standard rigged JN4H (airplane no. 2 of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, report no. 70). It was found that the airplane was longitudinally unstable and nose heavy; that it was laterally unstable, probably due to too little dihedral; and that it was directionally unstable, due to insufficient fin area, this last being very serious, for in case of a loss of rudder control the airplane immediately whips into a spin from which there is no way of getting it out. On the other hand, it was found possible to fly quite satisfactorily with the rudder locked, and safely, though not so well, with the ailerons locked.

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