Flight investigation of the drag of round-nosed bodies of revolution at Mach numbers from 0.6 to 1.5 using rocket-propelled test vehicles

Roger G. Hart
Jul 1951

Values of total drag coefficient were measured for four round-nosed bodies of revolution in free flight at Mach numbers from 0.6 to 1.5 and Reynolds numbers from 10 x 10(6) to 50 x 10(6). The bodies were designed by rounding off the sharp, fineness-ratio-3.56 nose of a previously tested configuration. The nose radii tested were 27.4, 38.7, 80.6, and 100 percent of the maximum body radius and corresponded to values of 0.075, 0.150, 0.650, and 1.000, respectively, for the ratio of nose-sphere frontal area to body frontal area. The body having least bluntness did not differ appreciably in drag from the pointed-nose body. The others showed marked increases in supersonic drag with increasing bluntness.

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