Altitude-test-chamber investigation of performance of a 28-inch ram-jet engine IV, effect of inlet-air temperature, combustion-chamber-inlet Mach number, and fuel volatility on combustion performance

Robert W. Kahn, Shigeo Nakanishi, James L. Harp, Jr.
Jul 1951

As part of a direct-connect altitude-test-chamber investigation of the combustion performance of a 28-inch-diameter ram-jet engine conducted at the NACA Lewis laboratory, the effects of the of the variables , Inlet-air temperature (150 to 350 degrees F), Combustion-chamber-inlet Mach number and pressure (values associated with 55- and 65-percent exhaust nozzles), and Fuel density and volatility (commercial grade normal heptane and high-speed Diesel fuel), on combustion performance were determined.

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