Theory of plane, symmetrical intake diffusers

Brodel, Walter.

The present report ties in with the investigations on the inlet diffusers by P. Ruden. The theory developed by Ruden had produced results which found excellent confirmation in wind-tunnel tests and in spite of certain still-existing defects, are technically very promising. The reasons for the new theory of the diffuser forms indicated by Ruden are twofold: first, the arguments adduced in Ruden's theory deal only with one specific operating condition, that is, a certain ratio of mean velocity within the diffuser to flying speed, while in the present report any desired velocity ratios are involved; second, a different choice of parameters and the increased possibilities of variation result in diffuser forms which cannot be reconciled at once with Ruden's theory. The first enables a theoretical check of the measurements made with Ruden's diffusers at variable velocity ratio, the second permits the calculation of diffuser types which in many respects are superior to Ruden's diffusers.

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