Investigation of ignition characteristics of AN-F-32 and two AN-F-58a fuels in single can-type turbojet combustor

Rayle, Warren D Douglass, Howard W
October 13, 1950

Ignition characteristics of AN-F-32 and two AN-F-58a fuels were studied in a single can-type turbojet combustor under air-flow conditions representing engine speeds of 1600, 2500, and 4000 rpm, altitudes from sea level to 30,000 feet, ambient temperatures at sea level from 90 degrees to minus 36 degrees F, and flight Mach numbers of 0 and 0.6. Critical fuel-flow rates for ignition increased with increase in preignition engine speed, with increase in altitude, or with decrease in sea-level ambient temperature. This flow rate appears to increase in a direct relation to decrease in fuel volatility as indicated by the 10-percent-evaporated temperature.

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