Notes on the N.A.C.A. control force recorder

H. J. E. Reid
July, 1923

Emphasized here is the desirability of using recording instruments in the investigation of the characteristics of airplanes with particular reference to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) control force recorder. Given here are photographs, records, and a description of the instrument developed by NACA for investigations on different types of aircraft. Described here is an instrument for recording control forces. At present, this control force recorder registers only the forces exerted on the stick. However, attachments are being designed to enable the forces on the rudder bar also to be recorded. The instrument in its final form will consist of three parts, namely, the recorder, the controller for the stick, and the controller for the rudder. The first two are in use now. The theory of operation is simple. In the controller, which is slipped over and fastened to the stick, are small electrical resistances which vary with the force applied to the handle. The recording apparatus then consists of suitable variable resistances properly connected to galvanometers whose deflections are proportional to the forces applied to the stick.

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