The flexible mounting of an airplane engine

K. Kutzbach
July, 1923

Discussed here is the suggested installation of the 'unbalanced' 8-cylinder VE-engine. The suggestion was that a flexible mounting be used instead of bolting the engine rigidly to the airplane structure. It was concluded that a flexible connection between the engine and the airplane is probably possible. A flexible connection primarily diminishes the vibrations due to inertia and, to a lesser degree, those due to torque variation. However, engines vibrate more when freely suspended than when rigidly mounted, and this vibration has a detrimental effect on all connections between the engine and the airplane. Therefore, in view of the relatively insignificant advantages which may be derived from the elastic suspension of the engine, the present rigid mounting is to be preferred. Vibration reduction can be achieved by incorporating in the fuselage as many of the rigid airplane parts as possible.

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