Linear theory of boundary effects in open wind tunnels with finite jet lengths

Katzoff, S Gardner, Clifford S Diesendruck, Leo Eisenstadt, Bertram J

In the first part, the boundary conditions for an open wind tunnel (incompressible flow) are examined with special reference to the effects of the closed entrance and exit sections. Basic conditions are that the velocity must be continuous at the entrance lip and that the velocities in the upstream and downstream closed portions must be equal. In the second part, solutions are derived for four types of two-dimensional open tunnels, including one in which the pressures on the two free surfaces are not equal. Numerical results are given for every case. In general, if the lifting element is more than half the tunnel height from the inlet, the boundary effect at the lifting element is the same as for an infinitely long open tunnel. In the third part, a general method is given for calculating the boundary effect in an open circular wind tunnel of finite jet length. Numerical results are given for a lifting element concentrate at a point on the axis.

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