Theoretical lift and damping in roll at supersonic speeds of thin sweptback tapered wings with streamwise tips, subsonic leading edges, and supersonic trailing edges

Malvestuto, Frank S , Jr Margolis, Kenneth Ribner, Herbert S

On the basis of linearized supersonic-flow theory, generalized equations were derived and calculations made for the lift and damping in roll of a limited series of thin sweptback tapered wings. Results are applicable to wings with streamwise tips and for a range of supersonic speeds for which the wing is wholly contained between the Mach cones springing from the wing apex and from the trailing edge of the root section. A further limitation is that the tip Mach lines may not intersect on the wing. For the portion of the wing external to the Mach cones springing from the leading edge of the wing tips, the pressure distributions for lift and roll previously obtained for the triangular wing are valid. For the portion of the wing contained within the wing-tip Mach cones a satisfactory approximation to the exact pressure distribution was obtained by application of a point-source-distribution method developed in NACA-TN-1382. A series of design curves are presented which permit rapid estimation of the lift-curve slope and damping-in-roll derivative for given values of aspect ratio, taper ratio, Mach number, and leading-edge sweep. (author)

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