Laminar mixing of a compressible fluid

Chapman, Dean R

A theoretical investigation of the velocity profiles for laminar mixing of a high-velocity stream with a region of fluid at rest has been made assuming that the Prandtl number is unity. A method which involves only quadratures is presented for calculating the velocity profile in the mixing layer for an arbitrary value of the free-stream Mach number. Detailed velocity profiles have been calculated for free-stream Mach numbers of 0, 1, 2, 3, and 5. For each Mach number, velocity profiles are presented for both a linear and a 0.76-power variation of viscosity with absolute temperature. The calculations for a linear variation are much simpler than those for a 0.76-power variation. It is shown that by selecting the constant of proportionality in the liner approximation such that it gives the correct value for the viscosity in the high-temperature part of the mixing layer, the resulting velocity profiles are in excellent agreement with those calculated by a 0.76-power variation.

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