Use of source distributions for evaluating theoretical aerodynamics of thin finite wings at supersonic speeds

Evvard, John C

A series of publications on the source-distribution methods for evaluating the aerodynamics of thin wings at supersonic speeds is summarized, extended, and unified. Included in the first part are the deviations of: (a) the linearized partial-differential equation for unsteady flow at a substantially constant Mach number. b) The source-distribution solution for the perturbation-velocity potential that satisfies the boundary conditions of tangential flow at the surface and in the plane of the wing; and (c) the integral equation for determining the strength and the location of sources to describe the interaction effects (as represented by upwash) of the bottom and top wing surfaces through the region between the finite wing boundary and the foremost Mach wave. The second part deals with steady-state thin-wing problems. The third part of the report approximates the integral equation for unsteady upwash and includes a solution of approximate equation. Expressions are then derived to evaluate the load distributions for time-dependent finite-wing motions.

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