Fundamental flame velocities of pure hydrocarbons II : alkadienes

Levine, Oscar Wong, Edgar L Gerstein, Melvin
November 03, 1950

Data are presented for the fundamental flame velocities of 10 pure alkadienes that have isolated, conjugated, or cumulative double-bond systems. On the basis of this limited amount of data and the flame velocities previously reported, it is concluded that unsaturation changes the flame velocity in the order alkanes ? alkenes ? alkadienes with isolated double bonds ?= alkadienes with conjugated double bonds ? alkadienes with cumulative double bonds ?= alkynes. There were no significant differences in the flame velocities of cis and trans 1,3-pentadiene. The alkadienes 1,2-pentadiene and 2,3-pentadiene, with different positions of the cumulative double bond in the straight chain, have similar flame velocities. Methyl substitution in a hydrocarbon reduces the flame velocity; the extent of the reduction increases with the degree of unsaturation of the hydrocarbon.

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