Tests on an airplane model, AEG D I of the Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschft, A-G, airplane construction section conducted at the Gottingen Model Testing Laboratory for Aerodynamics

Max M. Munk, Wilhelm Molthan
February, 1923

Tests were carried out in the small wind tunnel of the Gottingen establishment on a complete model of the AEG D I airplane. The agreement between the model and the complete airplane applies particularly to the wings, which have ribs cut out of sheet metal and built up in exactly the same manner as in the actual airplane. Various series of tests were carried out with this model in which one or the other of the control surfaces were adjusted to various angles, while the others remained in their neutral positions. During the first three series of tests, the stabilizer was set at a positive angle of 3 degrees, 45' relative to the axis of the engine crankshaft, after which further tests at a 6 degree 30' we made. Finally, the model was tested with the tail group removed. With the elevators set in the prescribed positions, the lift, the drag, and the moments about an axis passing through the center of gravity and perpendicular to the plane of symmetry were measured. All three sets of readings are given as absolute coefficients. Where one of the other control surfaces was deflected from its normal position, the moment produced by that adjustment of the surface was also measured.

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